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Liu Shao Yong, Ma Xulun line condolences go to the Hongqiao area of field-line e

¡¡¡¡The morning of July 19, China Eastern Group and general manager of renowned deputy party secretary of China Eastern Group, AG Ma, general manager and his party braved the scorching sun to be London, went to Shanghai Hongqiao field apron, condolences to the Shanghai Security, Engineering Technology , transportation control center and other departments Zhangao Wen, Paul cadres production line employees, and sent them condolence payments and gifts. China Eastern Airlines Corporation Commission for Discipline Inspection, the union wins the base, accompanied by Chairman of Pakistan condolences.
Liu Shao Yong, Ma Xulun his entourage came to the Hongqiao West hangar, 271 bridge, 260 bridge, 256 bridge, 225 bridge and transport control center in Shanghai to protect hygiene department, handling department, aircraft maintenance department, Hongqiao unit report Room, Ministry of transport control field, transport control center and other front-line units in the hall department visits to understand the working conditions of employees. Wherever he went, carefully review all of renowned high-temperature protective measures and logistics services are in place and asked pay reform in the post-class implementation of the various departments, and encourage everyone to better take the initiative and strive to achieve good results in the season.
Liu Shao-yong of the line thanked staff for their hard work, please note that in the high-temperature environments the body. Liu Shao Yong pointed out that the first half of 2011 China Eastern Airlines in safety, efficiency and service are achieved satisfactory results, this is what every employee together the results of the work created in response to the recent bad weather and flight delays the work, tireless efforts of front-line employees, paid a hard sweat. Liu Shao Yong said, the East after the successful completion of the reorganization, to play a significant synergistic effect, for every employee needs to firmly establish a sense of responsibility and the overall situation. Liu Shao Yong cited the "highest responsibility: to see how life hero captain to seek the knowledge of road safety," a book of stories inspire you to enhance the "professional ethics, morality, family values​​, personal integrity," the practice, and encourage every employee in the second half of the face of high iron, high inflation, high pollution, high oil prices and other multi-pressure, continue to post good job, make more contributions to the development of the company.

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