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Eastern theme confidential knowledge competition come to an end Published :2011


   July 19, China Eastern Group "everyone regarded confidential relations" theme confidential knowledge Olympiad held in Shanghai. The activities are designed to meet the national security situation, and constantly push forward China Eastern confidential publicity and education work in depth, to further improve the cadres and employees to comply with privacy laws and regulations into practice. Li Jun, Gujia Dan, Li Yang Min, Qin Yaping leading joint-stock companies and other groups and watched the game and prizes to the winners. SASAC Deputy Director General, SASAC Director JIA Chun Qu confidentiality, Shanghai State Security Bureau to visit health arena Secretary Chao Wen guidance.
The contest has been a positive response from Eastern units, agencies and groups from the Corporation, shares of 32 major units of the company scored a total of 96 employees participated in the contest. After July 6, 7, two days of preliminaries and the semi-finals, AG Shanghai Security, Sichuan Branch, Eastern investment companies, media companies a total of four team finalists. After a final fierce competition, AG Shanghai Security won the championship, won the second prize of Sichuan Branch, Eastern investment companies and media companies tied for third prize. Competition Award and also named its prize to encourage.
Jun speech after the game, the organization of the contest gave full recognition to the players in the game showed a good knowledge of cultivation given a higher rating. He pointed out that this game is a novel, fascinating, exciting game, should the competition for a new starting point, continue to promote and strengthen confidentiality. Jun confidentiality of work to do next three requirements: First, we must continue to deepen the confidentiality of public education. The second is to strictly implement the confidentiality rules and regulations. This year is the annual Eastern formulate rules and regulations, regulations of study, but also in the implementation of regulations to effectively implement the provisions of confidentiality. Third, we must grasp the confidentiality of the key. In particular, to strengthen the confidentiality of computer networks, the Internet is not really secret, no secret the Internet, computers do not mix, U disk inserted into chaos. Jun stressed the heavy duty of confidentiality, disclosure risk deep. The competition reflects the Eastern employees' learning confidential, secret game, prize confidential "in the future to do more work" to understand privacy, confidentiality do, control security, "all the good security clearance, security work together to do better.

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