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China by the middle of 2011 working meeting held in Shanghai

  June 17 at 13:47, an Eastern Airlines A321 passenger aircraft took off from the Wenzhou airport, the use of precise satellite positioning system navigation technology called RNP APCH procedures for field verification flight. 14:55, for 68 minutes to verify the flight, the aircraft flew on July 20, China Eastern Airlines in mid-2011 work will be held in Shanghai. The meeting summarized the achievements during the first half of 2011 China Eastern, analysis of the situation facing the tasks of the second half of a comprehensive plan. Key state-owned large enterprises history of the military Board of Supervisors Office, the Director Chen Jie come to guide the meeting. Liu Shao Yong, Li Jun, Ma Xulun, Xu Zhao, Gujia Dan, Li Yang Min, Tang Bing and other group leaders attended the meeting by a group of party secretary Li Jun chair. Group division and the company's total shares, the total aid and above, two units of members of leading bodies, institutions and departments are more deputies attended the meeting. Shares of the sub (a) company in the form of video will attend the meeting.
      At the meeting, Group General Manager of renowned speech entitled "solid foundation strong management, capacity building and promote restructuring, the annual target for the full completion of the task and make unremitting efforts," the group work report. Report from the effort to guard against security landslide, to achieve better business performance, deepening reform restructuring efforts to improve the basic management and fulfill social responsibility and strengthen the construction of six party group in the first half summed up the major work. The report notes that the company is still facing the basic management is weak, the relative lack of development resources, the internal mechanism is still lagging behind other deep-rooted contradictions and problems, we must attract enough attention and vigilance, and make great efforts to be actively addressed. Analysis of international and domestic economic situation, Liu Shao-yong from the six major tasks facing the second half of the deployment: first, to strengthen supervision to ensure the safe development; second is to a multi-pronged, and striving for better performance; third is to focus on strategic promote the development and transformation; four is to implement the plan, and strengthen basic management; five products to enrich and enhance service brand; Sixth, we must vigorously strengthen the spirit of reform and innovation to party building. At the meeting, Liu Shao Yong especially leading cadres of the five requirements: First, all the staff have a sense of crisis and sense of opportunity; two leading cadres at all levels of scientific decision-making, law making and democratic decision-making; Third, leaders at all levels to effectively take responsibility, improve the style, dare to face the contradictions, to face and solve problems; fourth position in the pay system to implement the reform process, emphasizing the seriousness of maintenance-related documents; Fifth, the unit leaders in the production of the season to the grass roots and the masses to solve problems, meet as little as possible, will open a short, really focus on safety, production, service and reform work in various fields.
      Group at the meeting stressed the party secretary Li Jun six points: First, we must seriously study and implement Comrade Hu Jintao's "July" important speech. He stressed the need to more deeply aware of our glorious history of the party and the creation of great achievements, a deeper understanding of our party's basic philosophy of dialectical materialism and historical materialism, a more profound understanding of the great road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, more profound understanding of the people wholeheartedly is the fundamental purpose of well-being, a deeper understanding of party must manage the party strictly the policy of reform and innovation, to comprehensively strengthen the building of the party, and effectively improve party building science level. He said the study and implementation of "July" speech to do the three combinations, namely: the actual business development closely, closely integrated with all aspects of practical work closely with party leaders of self-cultivation practice. The second is to strengthen the leadership and talent development. Focus on four areas, namely: to further strengthen the ideological and political leadership; further improve the selection and appointment of satisfaction; actively implementing talent thriving enterprise strategy; further strengthen the leadership training. Third, the Spirit of reform and innovation to strengthen party building. We should focus on the development of party building, focus on innovation and party building, focus the grassroots party building. Fourth, solid depth excel activities. To continue to carry out "about achievements, examples, strong ability to promote development" publicity and education activities, with emphasis on window units excel, leading authorities to vigorously carry out the excel. Fifth, to further strengthen the publicity and ideological construction. To continue to improve public information, strengthen ideological education, and promoting culture. Sixth, we must unswervingly push forward the anti-corruption. The party must manage the party strictly; punishment and prevention system to build and do the work; incidence lessons learned, serious rectification; strictly implement the responsibility to strengthen the ranks.
      Group deputy party secretary, general manager Ma Xulun shares at the meeting entitled "lay a solid foundation, implement the plan, for the successful completion of the mission goals and work hard throughout the year," the AG report on the work. Report summarizes the first half from the six areas of work: safe operation of the steady fear, a new high operating performance, brand image, increase steadily and smoothly join SkyTeam, reform and restructuring in an orderly way, party-building innovation and development. Analysis of the situation facing the company and problems, Ma stressed that the current required to give full attention to London in five areas of pressure, pressure that is safe, effective pressure, running pressure, stable pressure and basic management of stress. Ma Xulun from the six-party made arrangements for the second half of the face: One is to implement the plan, winning security turnaround; second is to seize the market, ensure the effective realization of the target T2; third is to achieve four-star, to promote the service level; The fourth is to lay a solid foundation to enhance the development of the driving force; fifth is to deepen reform, stimulate new business activity; six to excel and enhance cohesion.
Li Jun in presiding over the meeting to a "scorch like fire, pre-trial activity pool with grass. Hearts of the staff flags dance, and then climb the pipe executives" as the end, encouraging all employees to seriously implement the spirit of this meeting, united, solid work, and strive to complete various tasks throughout the year, China Eastern Airlines' five-second "start to create excellent results.

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