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Eastern courteous buy happiness
Eastern courteous buy happiness
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Group Buy Rules Note:
1 ticket to buy activities: China Eastern Airlines official website www.ceair.com.

Buy 2 Range: Eastern domestic one-way routes (specific information on the website or subject)

3 buy limit:
Buy Participants must be members of Eastern Miles.
Children, babies are not allowed to participate in buy activities.
Buy only once per flight, can buy the ticket number on the website or the information shall prevail.

4. Buy open hours: seven days before the date of flight started opening up to 3 days before flight departure date end.

5. Tuangou Jia:
Group success: Tuan Goujia buy time for the launch of flights and open offer on the basis of lowest price cabin of 8%.
Buy failed: buy when the user can choose to use the minimum open space flights original price.

6. Buy Description:
Buy conditions for success: buy to meet the required number.
Buy failed: buy time to end, took the opportunity to people under the age of the required number of Offered.

7. Deposit and Payment:
Buy buy basis having the lowest class to participate in the original price + tax pre-paid deposit in full.
Group success, according to Tuan Goujia automatically deducted and the deposit ticket and inform visitors directly to the balance part of the deposit automatically refunded to the parties to account.
Buy fails, the deposit will be refunded to the parties to deposit accounts or the parties may choose to buy pre-payment to buy the lowest class of the day the original price.
Buy buy in the league as a user failure handling.
Deposit Payment: Bank credit cards, online payment.

8 Ticket Description:
Group success, the product of ex-gratia buy tickets, tickets may not be transferred to other airlines to sign, not rescheduled, no refund, no upgrades.
Buy the lowest class of the user to select the date of the original price, in accordance with the provisions of the space.

9. The final interpretation of this activity all Eastern Airlines
Eastern General Airlines Eastern General Airlines Eastern General Airlines Eastern General Airlines Eastern General Airlines Eastern General Aviation Eastern General Aviation
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